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3 Solid Reasons Why Spring is a Really Great Time to Start Exercising...

WARNING: This has absolutely nothing to do with building a bikini body.

As a weight-neutral and body-positive practitioner, I believe bikini bodies are achievable in approximately 1-2 minutes. It's really quite simple, put a bikini on your body and BAM! There you have it, your bikini body! At this time of the year, you'll likely be bombarded with articles teaching how to prepare for swimsuit season. And I'm sorry if this article disappoints, but I'm just not going to go there. For a myriad of reasons. BUT, what I am going to talk about in this article are some of the reasons I believe Spring to be a really, really good time to start exercising or moving your body more.

1. The Weather is Warming Up

The early days of spring fill our senses. The smell of wildflowers and summer rain, the feeling of warmth as the sunlight lingers into the early evenings, the sight of baby ducklings waddling behind their Mama. Simply put, it's just a really nice time to be out and about. Whether it's a walk through your neighbourhood, a hike through the mountains or some cycling by the beach. Before the intense heat of summer hits, it's beautiful being outside, moving your body through natural outdoor spaces. We know from a growing body of research that being active outdoors, even at low intensities, has benefits for our mental and physical health. So if you're contemplating becoming more active, consider getting outside and taking in all that's on offer at this beautiful time of year!

2. Preparing for the Silly Season

The last few months of the year can sometimes feel like we're on a slippery slide towards Christmas. And this can bring a LOT of stress. Pressure to achieve deadlines at work and school, conflict with family over holiday celebrations, financial stress, the list goes on. During times of high stress, our self-care can often find its way to the bottom of the list of priorities. However, commencing a new exercise program NOW can increase the likelihood that by the time the craziness of the holidays is in full swing, regular physical activity is an established habit and will be there for you as a self-care strategy to ease your way through the Christmas and New Year period.

3. Getting a Head Start on Your New Years Resolutions

Getting more exercise is a pretty popular New Years resolution. And it's common to find yourself full of motivation at the beginning of the year. This may be in part due to the New Year bringing a sense of hope and new beginnings, but I also think we're largely driven by the stresses of the holiday season and a desire to feel better. The issue here is that both of these motives are likely to wear off within a few months, and as they fly out the window, so too do our New Years Resolutions. That's why I think this part of the year (i.e. NOW!) is a wonderful time to get a head start on our goals and intentions. Think carefully about what you want to achieve, and then put the wheels in motion to begin establishing your new habit. The holiday season will also be a good test run to help you learn ways to navigate barriers. And, as the New Year rolls in, we can still ride the wave of additional motivation, we will just be steadier on our feet :)

Enjoy! And if you'd like help getting started with a new exercise program, you can contact me here!

Danielle McDonald

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

M.Clin.Ex.Phys (Rehab), AEP, AES, ESSAM

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