Krysten Duffy Yoga - Huskisson


Krysten Duffy - Yoga Teacher


Join Krysten in one of her beautiful yoga classes in Huskisson. Even if you've never been on a yoga mat, you will feel at ease in Krysten's class! 


Find out more about Krysten's classes and join her on her yoga journey on the Krysten Duffy Yoga - Facebook Page


Yoga with Adriene - Free Online Yoga


Adriene Mishler - Yoga Teacher


Yoga with Adriene is fun and beginner friendly! Adriene has a knack for instructing yoga with effective cues that ensure you're not constantly looking at the screen for guidance. Adriene offers a myriad of yoga videos for all different levels of practice. 


Check out her awesome yoga videos at



Tara Brach - Guided Meditations

Tara Brach, Ph.D


Tara's free guided meditations blend Eastern spiritual practices with teachings of Western psychology. Her wisdom, compassion and sense of humour combine to create calming, healing and uplifting talks on common experiences of suffering.


Find out more here!