Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Resources


Dr. Michelle May - Founder of Am I hungry? Mindful Eating Programs


Am I Hungry? has lots of wonderful resources to guide you on your mindful eating journey. Among these resources are guides and books for specific conditions including diabetes, binge-eating disorders and post-bariatric surgery.


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Mindless Eating - Why We Eat More than we Think 


By Dr. Brian Wansink 


This book provides insight into the ways our eating habits are constantly influenced by external factors. Join Dr. Brian Wansink on the journey towards more conscious eating habits and learn to engineer your environment to support and promote mindful eating.


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Why Diets Make us Fat - The Unintended Consequences of our Obsession with Weight Loss 


By Dr. Sandra Aadmodt


This wonderful read walks you through the literature on weight loss and dieting from a neuroscience perspective. Highlighting the dangers of restrictive eating, Aadmodt creates a convincing and refreshing argument for abandoning dieting and moving towards more healthful and helpful lifestyle behaviours.


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